Our Vision

So what makes Woodhouse different?

It's our attitude to our work that stands out. 

We believe that just because our 'signature' is hidden behind panels, in loft spaces or behind skirting boards it doesn't mean we shouldn't be proud of it.

We are, even if you never get to see it.

Woodhouse recruits the very best, and every one of us is proud to say that 'good enough - isn't good enough!' From choosing the best equipment - at the best price - through to working tidily and clearing away at the end, the Woodhouse team thrives on being the best that it can be for our customers.

So why not put us to the test yourself?

Adam Soppitt

Plumbing and Heating Project Manager

Adam joined in 2010 as a heating engineer. Thanks to his enthuisasm and attention to detail he's now project manager for the entire plumbing and heating team and is looking forward to becoming a dad very soon.

Jonathan Williams

Electrical Engineer

Jonathan joined us in 2014, and is really passionate about electrical installations. He's a real charmer with the customers, he wishes he was as good at golf as he is at electrical works.

Alex Davies

Electrical Project Manager

Alex has been with Woodhouse since 2009 and has been instrumental in the growth of the electrical division. When he's not working you can find him walking his two dogs, Brody and Bella in Delamere Forest.

Steven Roberts

Electrical Engineer

Steven has been with Woodhouse since 2014 and is part of our electrical engineering team. Steve is depressingly good at golf and plays off 2, which is why nobody from Woodhouse will take him on.

Rob Woodhouse

Finance and Development

Rob has been involved in Woodhouse since 2009. Rob is involved in ensuring that the business and jobs run smoothly. Rob enjoys running and has recently taken up yoga.

Mike Chandler

Plumbing and Heating Engineer

Mike is our most recent hire and joined the plumbing and Heating Team in 2015. Mike's attention to detail is superb so he has fitted right in with the rest of the team. Mike enjoys caravaning around the UK with his wife Gemma.

Matthew Lovatt

Plumbing and Heating Engineer

Matt joined in 2011 as an apprentice and is now a fully qualified Plumbing and Heating Engineer and has a real magic touch when it comes to fixing boilers. Matt is enjoying becoming a father, apart from when his son, Isaac, decides 4am is a good time to play.

Alex Littler

Heating Technician

Alex joined Woodhouse in 2011 as an apprentice and has recently become a fully qualified plumber and is continuing training to be a heating engineer. Alex is a keen footballer and plays for his local team at weekends.

Russell McGregor

Plumbing and Heating Apprentice

Russell also joined in 2015 and is very keen to learn and progress in his new career at Woodhouse.

Emily Mann

Customer Care Manager

Emily joined in 2014 and looks after all customer enquiries and quotations. On weekends emily enjoys spending time with family and participating in Dressage with horse Dobbin

Peter Holbrow

Operations Manager

Peter has been with us since 2013 starting as an administrative assistant, Peter now looks after all of scheduling and planning as well as the finances and ensures we run as smoothly as we do. Pete is another aspiring Woodhouse golfer.

Matthew Gwilliam

Electrical Apprentice

Matthew joined the team in 2015 and is keen to develop his career at Woodhouse. Matthew enjoys football, playing five-a-side at the weekends.

Callum Brown

Bathroom Installer

Callum joined the team in 2014, and specialises in tiling and bathroom installations. Callum has recently started playing rugby again, so look out for him at local matches.

Rory Woodhouse

Managing Director

Rory founded the company in 2007 with just one apprentice and a single van. Rory has enjoyed growing the Company to it's current size without losing the high standards and attention to customer service that he had when he was doing everything himself. Rory is a keen runner and his ambition is to run the New York Marathon.

Our Accreditations